Oops! Well accidents happen. Right? That’s why we’ve designed all of our beds with Crypton® Super Fabrics. Most messes will wipe up with a towel, but keep in mind that your Animal Haus dog bed will repel water like a duck’s back, so don’t be afraid to take it ouside and hose it down when needed. For stains that are dried on or a little tougher to remove, you can either clean the bed with soap and water or with theCrypton® Care Kit.

To clean with soap and water:
Simply combine 1 part of an enzyme powder detergent such as Tide® or Cheer® with 5 parts water. Apply the solution to the stain and wait a few minutes for the the detergent do it’s job. Lightly rub/scrub the area and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Keep in mind that water will not penetrate the Crypton® fabric so don’t hesitate to rinse it well because all of the soap residue needs to be removed.
The bed will accumulate dust and hair like any other fabric, so don’t forget to vacuum the bed regularly.